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Hi world! Huh , I hate the part where I have to write about myself. XD Well, my name is Polly, from Bulgaria.

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The Swing by Jean-Honore Fragonard, also know as The Happy Accidents of the Swing, is painting is considered one of the great master works of the Rococo era. The picture depicts a young woman on a tree swing, being pushed by her husband. The young woman is clearly flirting with the young man in the foreground, of whom her husband is unaware. The painting was first commissioned to Gabriel Francois Doyen by a young nobleman, to depict him and his mistress. Doyen, of the opinion that the painting was frivolous, refused the commission and passed it on to Fragonard. This painting has influences many later works, from paintings to sculptures, the most recent being the animated feature film Tangled, created in the style of the painting. (x)

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Oh I want this outfit!

Life goals.

Ultimate toughness

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France Nuyen, 1962


— Aida Overton Walker, African American dancer (late 1890s)

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I was born in front of a camera and really don’t know anything else. - Joan Crawford

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Rita Hayworth as Sheila Winthrop in You’ll Never Get Rich, 1941.


Come to the dark side - we have style. Another lavish portrait painting by Giovanni Boldini. 

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A lovely portrait of Norma Crane by Maurice Seymour, ca. 1960.

the young victoria + costumes


The Leibmann sisters in their Darracq motor car with Mrs Reginald Owen of Stockport, outside the Albert Hall, London, 17th April 1906.

(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)